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What Is A Lab Report?

A lab report is also known as a scientific report. The purpose of a lab report is to show the tools used, the process undertaken, and the results attained by the scientist. A good lab report should adhere to the correct format. The essential components of a lab report include:

  • Introduction : It includes a brief introduction of the experiment, the experiment's relevance, and previous related experiments.
  • Hypothesis: It's an intelligent guess of what the experiment expects to find out. There are two types of hypotheses:  An alternative hypothesis (H1) is a statement of the experiment's prediction results. The null hypothesis (H0) is a contrary statement to H1.
  • Method and materials:This section discusses how the researcher tested, the tools used, and the quantities used. It also discusses the procedure used in experimenting with justifications.
  • Results: The section presents raw data in chart or graph form.
  • Discussion: This section discusses the raw data. This section interprets whether the data obtained supports or refutes the alternative hypothesis, Besides, the relevancy and use of the information from the experiment.

Why Do Most Students Find It Hard to Write A Lab Report?

Most students who consider lab reports easy to write end up earning low grades. The common challenges students face in writing a lab report include:

Hypothesis formulation

Most students are not well trained in statistics. Therefore, they fail to formulate a better hypothesis.

Method and materials

A method is a short form of methodology. Most students find it hard to write a good methodology. This is what guides you in doing lab experiments. This section earns more marks than others because it acts as a compass direction.

Discussing data

This section needs experience and critical thinking skills. Most students fail to make good inferences and way forward.

Time management

Lab reports take time to prepare before one settle to draft a copy report. Students have a busy schedule to attend to other matters. Most students find themselves running out of time due to poor time management.

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